Ashley ∫ Gregg ∫ Virtual PAW Readings

Ashley ∫ Gregg Shorthand

∫ Virtual PAW Reading

Keywords, messages, and insights are uncovered by capturing and deciphering on paper
the Gregg outlines that appear for your dog or cat in a PAW Reading.

How does it work?

Ashley follows shorthand outlines at all times.

This is the fantastic medium she relies on.

Close enough for her to study, watch, and capture on paper.

Each outline forms a specific word.

The outlines capture the intentions of dogs and cats.

Ashley watches, records, and then translates the outlines into the words they represent.

During a Virtual PAW Reading, working from a photo of your dog or cat, Ashley captures key words, messages, and insights delivered for you from your dog or cat.

These messages are always meaningful, even powerful, and occasionally odd.

Now it’s up to you to unlock their meaning.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Because my vet, Dr. Levin recommended Ashley, I brought my large Newfoundland, Osea in for one of Ashley’s famous "PAW Readings." I think Osea and I fell in love with Ashley the moment I met her."
    Jennifer Horsman / Laguna Beach, CA